Kitchen Remodel Cost – 10 Creative Ways to Save Some Money

Here are some helpful and practical tips on keeping your Kitchen Remodel Costs in check for your kitchen remodel project.

1. Go For Cheaper Alternatives

Instead of buying expensive products right away, you should at least try to look for cheaper ones that look just as good as the expensive counterparts. You do not necessarily have to go for the cheapest alternative in order to keep your kitchen remodel cost down. You only have to determine the brand that will give the best value for the amount you are willing to pay.

2. Try To Do It Yourself

Kitchen remodeling companies and contractors charge very high fees, so it may be best to just make the kitchen remodeling a DIY project if you are on a really tight budget. Some of the tasks that you can do are painting, installing new flooring, and replacing hardware. You might want to leave the electrical work to professionals though. The slightest mistake may cause a house fire.

3. Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets may not have to be replaced at all. If the damages are minor, you can simply repair them yourself. For a new look, you can sand the cabinets down to the bare wood and paint or stain them with a new color. In addition, you can choose to replace the knobs with stylish handles to make the cabinets look different than they were before.

If the cabinets are broken and must be replaced, it would be a good idea to install solid wood fronts or particle board boxes. Not using hardwood will make you save around $200 to $400 on each cabinet.

4. Countertops

Rather than going for granite countertops, you can instead opt for less expensive alternatives like solid surfaces, laminates, and green alternatives. They come in many different patterns and look almost as good as real stone countertops.

5. Kitchen Appliances

It is best to keep your old kitchen appliances if they are still serving their purpose, and if a part needs to be replaced simply visit a site such as this one in order to replace it. If your old appliances are not energy-efficient and Eco-friendly enough for you anymore, and you are looking to “go green”, consider purchasing energy star rated appliances at your local home improvement store.

6. Stove And Sink

Try not to move the sink or stove to a different location. Doing this may cost you around $2000. It would be best to stick with the current layout of your kitchen if you want to keep the kitchen remodel cost down.

7. Lighting

You have to plan the kitchen lighting ahead of time so you can upgrade it while the electrical work is being done. Bringing the electrician back to upgrade the lighting instead of having him do it at the same time with the other electrical work will cost you more money.

8. Walls

Changing the flooring will be very expensive, so you might want to just work on the walls instead. The color of the walls is one of the few things that determine the style or theme of your kitchen. You can give your kitchen a fresh look by simply painting or wallpapering the walls. You can even do a combination of both for an improved aesthetic look.

9. Flooring

If you decide to change the flooring, despite increasing the kitchen remodel cost, then just use vinyl as a substitute for tiles or laminates as a substitute for hardwood. These substitutes look just as classy as the expensive materials. They will help you to save a considerable amount of money as well.

10. Genius is in Simplicity

Have you considered going all with an expensive kitchen island and a range hood over it, installing natural stone, or fancy mosaic tiles around all kitchen walls, and brand new flooring. Top it off with a brand new backsplash, granite countertop over your kitchen island, brand new appliances, and new cabinets all around? Well, it sounds good, but you would also be looking at spending some $15,000 to $20,000 for all this fancy kitchen renovation work, and upgrades.

The alternative is to keep it simple! That’ right, you can repaint your existing kitchen walls, install a brand new kitchen worktop, replace the old sink and upgrade the backsplash area, and resurface the floors, all for under $5000.00. We are talking about real savings here. You may end up with a great looking kitchen on a budget. Besides there will always be room to upgrade small things like kitchen lighting, table and chairs, and window treatments in your kitchen. You could do many of these things yourself including painting the walls, and refinishing door and window trim in your kitchen. Sound like a great way to save thousands of dollars if you approach it with a creative mindset.

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